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Limo stands at Logan Airport

If you are flying into Logan Airport, and are planning to ride with us back home from the airport, you will need to know where to find our taxi. You can watch the videos posted below to see where the taxi will be waiting. There is a different taxi pick up location for each terminal, so first you need to determine which terminal your flight is arriving at, and then you can select the corresponding video in order to guide you to the taxi.

Please keep in mind that in Boston, including Logan Airport, our cabs operate as limousines since we do not have a Boston taxi license. Therefore, in these videos and on signs around Logan Airport, you will have to follow signs for "Limos" to find our vehicles (see the purple icon above).


Tap here to see a list of airlines at Logan Airport and their terminal assignments.

To see the videos, please tap here to get to the Logan Airport Wayfinder. Then tap ground transportation, then tap the play icon next to the terminal you are in.


Terminal A

Watch the video and follow the directions for "active passenger pick up" and go a little bit further across the street.


Terminal B
This terminal is divided into 2 halves, with a garage in between. All taxis and limos will pick up in the garage. From Baggage Claim, just walk straight out across the street into the garage and follow the signs for limos.


To select the proper video, you will need to determine whether you are in Terminal B1 or Terminal B2.

Terminal C
All scheduled rides, like our taxis at the airport, at Terminal C have to pick up at the departures door (second floor). From Baggage Claim, go upstairs (there are elevators if you need them) and exit the building via door # C202. Walk straight ahead through the cross walk and look for the purple limo icon on the signs (see above). Our vehicle will be waiting for you near there. The video for Terminal C doesn't show this but does mention it.


Terminal E
Exit the terminal near baggage claim via door # E104. Walk straight ahead along a cross walk across two streets until you cannot walk straight anymore. You'll see a gray building in front of you with a black sign that says Limos and has the purple limo icon like the one near the top of this page. Turn left. Our taxi will be waiting for you in the parking lot near the waiting shelter with the purple trim. This is slightly different than what you'll see in the video because the video shows you exiting through a different door, but if you follow these typed directions exactly as shown, you'll be fine.

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